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Junk_force EP [noep.01] | nov2001

The first solo Bedouin Ascent EP since 1994's 'Pavilion of the New Spirit' on Rising High Records. [PURCHASE THIS NOW]

Here, Kingsuk Biswas continues his no-fi games with rhythms so irrational they playfully tease the linear structure of sequenced music to produce the exquisite effect of perpetual rolling. Spiralling currents pulled by ever tighter forces in an open field of possibility. Turning, turning... Lost forever in the loving warmth of urban noise and the sweetest tension.

While the whole of the dance arena concerns itself with the mechanical rhythm of propulsion - like drones synched to a universal clock, locked in constant forward motion - junk_force adopts a wholly lateral stance. Beats spiral, moving, at once, forward, sideways and backwards - like the adrenalin rush of a brisk young breeze, constantly changing direction - because there's just so much sky! Change is, ultimately, the only constant.

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Check out some samples from the 'junk_force' five track EP [mp3 format]
junk force [2mb]
ivory towers
screw mobile [2.3mb]
no immortal