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No Immortal is a fever. A delirium that whispers 'time is not forever'
No Beginning. No Ending. No Center. Just Release.

NO IMMORTAL grew out of an increasing dissatisfaction with a music industry which seems to have grown old, tired and confused. All 'industry' and no 'music', its lack of vision comes at a time when there is a corresponding explosion of creativity and networking amongst artists and musicians at the fringes of culture - outside the traditional model - discovering new tools and technologies.

Inspired by connectivity in all its manifestations and with a hunger for experimentation and deconstruction, No Immortal came into being in the fall of 2000. Positioned to take a defiant, uncompromising stance on life, love and creativity, No Immortal seeks to contribute to the rich arena of digital arts, music and multimedia as it unfolds in its ever mutating forms. We will journey where others sometimes fear to tread and attempt to navigate a more rewarding course through the sea of mediocrity. Our way is to find a path with heart - one which is as exhilarating as it is beautiful.

No Immortal will be a calling card for the most forward thinking and radical artists across a range of genres - those tired of mind numbing conformity or pandering to existing notions of 'underground' or 'mainstream', 'electronic' or 'acoustic', what's cool and what's not. The intention is to generate a compelling catalogue that showcases experimental music while at the same time isn't afraid of being accessible and.... well, just enjoyed for the hell of it!

No Beginning. No Ending. No Center. Just Release.


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No Immortal has released Junk_force, the first solo Bedouin Ascent EP since 'Pavilion of the New Spirit' on Rising High Records. [PURCHASE THIS NOW]

Here, Kingsuk Biswas continues his no-fi games with rhythms so irrational they playfully tease the linear structure of sequenced music to produce the exquisite effect of perpetual rolling. Spiralling currents pulled by ever tighter forces in an open field of possibility. Turning, turning... Lost forever in the loving warmth of urban noise and the sweetest tension.
While the whole of the dance arena concerns itself with the mechanical rhythm of propulsion - like drones synched to a universal clock, locked in constant forward motion - junk_force adopts a wholly lateral stance. Beats spiral, moving, at once, forward, sideways and backwards - like the adrenaline rush of a brisk young breeze, constantly changing direction - because there's just so much sky! Change is, ultimately, the only constant.


Coming up next is the long awaited new cut from Apache 61 - china_syntax.

Apache 61 is no 'new face in the race' - With previous albums on Japan’s Daisy World and remixes for Coldcut and Yellow Magic Orchestra among others she has an impressive track record. Her freestyling, 'on-the-pulse' live performances have boosted her reputation yet further taking her to the heart of the club and festival scene in the UK, and as far a field as the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. In fact, she is one of the few tech heads brave enough to actually do it live: a sound of intricate beats and layers of detailed percussion on the one hand, but executed with death defying intent and passion....

On this 4 track EP, china_syntax, she once again takes centre stage to show the boys how to mash the beats with style and purpose! Out-Funk / Break-Punk / Electro. She demonstrates a compelling ability to express the most elusive shards of, otherwise discarded mood and sentiment, whilst simultaneously engaging the body in a heady affair of movement and brutal dynamics. Total entertainment for brain and leg! Available 1st October 2002


+ Bedouin Ascent album 'Jerx' available soon

+ Ardisson, new material available in 2009

+ see the news section for more on the label and artsist activities

Check out some samples from the 'junk_force' five track EP [mp3]

  junk force [1.6mb]  
 screw mobile [2.3mb]
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