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22 23 24.july 2011
Freerotation Festival
Baskerville Hall
Hay on Wye, Brecon

After a long hiatus Bedouin Ascent is returning to perform a new live set along with friends David Moufang, Jonah Sharp and Sam Shackleton at the superb Freerotation festival.

wed. 12.july 2006 - [18.30 - 20.00]
The British Library
96 Euston Road
London NW1 2DB

Bedouin Ascent performing a specially commissioned piece to launch the Shinkansen Collection at the British Library Sound Archive.

Charlotte Orrell-Jones
020 7412 7029

DysFunkt!onal is back!

The maverick live music and digital art deconstruction is now a bi-monthly fixture at Studio-80, Amsterdam.

Saturday 5th of November [20:00 - 04:00]
Studio-80, Rembrandtplein 17, Amsterdam.

What's this all about? The interface by which the worlds of visual art and sound art increasingly interleave has become known by the technological phenomena of 'convergence' - a top-down movement driven by the digital process, gathering all media practitioners at the point of the cursor and the pixel with a shared vision of file structures, output resolution, cut, splice and loop.

However, in the scramble to keep pace with the changing paradigm many have overlooked the fact that the most compelling exchange is not technologically driven, but takes place bottom-up; a dialogue of forms at the point of source; at composition, language, manipulating information, understanding structures, patterns and processes, organising stimuli, deconstructing nature, remapping the rigid grid of space and time. Whether in film, design, music or science, this is the point at which all actions become sound, all words become colour and all music becomes light.

- Eclectic set by
  Havoc (ShotOnStage/Foundation) BE

- Experimental breakbeat improvisations and visuals by
  Icarus (Output Recordings/Shadow records/The Leaf Label) UK

- Dysfunktional live set by
  Bedouin Ascent (No Immortal/Rising High) UK

- Exclusive set by
  0=0 (Synaptic Plastic, Planet Mu) CA

Visuals by Lennart (IChiOne) NL
Visuals by Marc Everett & Ben Sheppee UK

Food by Basico (all night lawng..)

Any UK punters wishing to pull a 'sicky' and rock the night with us are welcome to email for special travel info, tips and directions. Come and play in a carnival of magnificent experimental music and film.

Event will be streamed live at

21.4 2005

There has been a great deal of activity at No Immortal over the past year, much of it behind the scenes; so expect a slew of announcements in due course! In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, please check out some of the new arrivals at our webstore. Ben Sheppee’s Hidden Partition DVD is currently being talked up a storm in the press, receiving a coveted ‘DVD of the Month’ from DJ Magazine, amongst other supporters. D-Fuse are onto huge things with that floppy fringed maestro, Beck, at the moment, so they can be forgiven for not schmoozing with us at the usual crack parties of late. See what all the fuss is about on the D-Tonate_00 DVD here. Also, don’t forget that we still have a few remaining copies of the excellent Resonance FM compilation, Flatpack Antenna. When they’re gone, they’re gone, etc...

Gig-wise, we have some bedouin action on the radar, for the London crew:

24th May - Fade-In [19:00 – 11:30]
Café 1001, Brick Lane, London EC1

Bedouin Ascent, Live

8th May - The Spitz
[109 Commercial St.  London. E1 6BG] 020 7392 9032

Bedouin Ascent (No Immortal)
Carthage (Irritant)
Mothboy (Ad Noiseam)
Dancon One + Stormcrow (spinning vinyl and mp2s)

7  May  2005 [18:00 – 01:00]
£10.00, Concs £6.00.
Battersea Arts Centre

London SW11 5TN
020 7223 2223

Bedouin Ascent sings more of his broken songs at BAD LOOK BOUDOIR! a party thrown by Subterfuge at the rather lovely Battersea Arts Centre.

Laugh. Cry. Be moved. Be curious. Ask for tissues. Feel adventurous. Feel exhausted. Feel debased!

The autonomous polysexual cabaret with a punk rock ethic climaxes its first year celebrations with a special performance at BAC. Bad Look Boudoir will be one of the most memorable appearances from this star-mangled band of outlaw renegades. Will contain nudity, swearing and men from Texas. Over 18’s only.

Lots of djs, vjs, live bands, cabaret, etc. For a full listing see:

2nd May 2004

We're greatly saddened by the tragic loss of our friend Casper Pound of Rising High. Casper passed away in his sleep on Friday after a very difficult number of years recovering from major surgery. His passing comes at a time when he was once again beginning to look to the future with his characteristic infectious enthusiasm and unique vision. Casper was an inspiration to a generation of music lovers throughout the world and to all those he worked, played and partied with. His open heart, open mind and generous spirit will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. We know at least that somewhere, Casper Pound will still be Flying High. Our thoughts go out to his family and his beloved daughter, Sapho. You did it mate, rest in peace.

Friday May 14 2004 - [10 pm – 6am]

Icarus, Bedouin Ascent, arthurs.dakiz.westerhus, Kieran Hebden, Tony Morley, Laurent Duriaud, Woof Wan-Bau

SECRET ALL NIGHT EVENT, Hackney, London more info soon

On Friday May 14 2004 Icarus celebrate the launch of their new album "I Tweet the Birdy Electric"

Icarus will be joined by Dysfunktional Beats founder Bedouin Ascent, and newly formed free jazz trio arthurs.dakiz.westerhus, conspiring to bring several takes on a similar theme of exploratory and risky improvisation via a great many speakers, the nature of their instruments - laptops, technics, trumpets, 909s - falling gladly out of focus in the wake of the aural mayhem. Expect chaos, unplanned melodies and bird sounds.

Further entertainment will be supplied by the Parnassus Crew's master of hardcore, darkcore, and those wicked quirky beats that nobody else has got, DJ Laurent Duriaud, and rising star of avant garde hip hop, DJ Woof Wan Bau, as well as Leaf Label chief DJ Tony Morley and a special guest who needs no introduction, DJ Kieran Hebden. Cine, still and video visuals will be provided by Parnassus visual artists and their guests

Wednesday 25th February : Bedouin Ascent / Ardisson  
The Soul Cellar, Southampton, UK

bedouin ascent - live
Ardisson - live
DJ Prophane :: DJ Dancon1 :: DJ Stormcrow

info: scan arts group [ ]

saturday : 24th : january : 2004
Bedouin Ascent LIVE SET @ Auxilec, Leicester UK.

venue : the attik, free lane [off halford st.], leicester, UK.
tickets : £4.00 adv / more on the door
(0116 2538293) rock_a_boom, (0116 2539988) bpm

12/11/2003 | 9:30-2am | £5/4 nus
Buddy Peace (Live), Ardisson Live (No Immortal), Hatcha (Tempa/Forward), Si Begg (Novamute)
Plastic People 147-149 Curtain Rd, Old Street Tube

The No Immortal rudeboy that is Ardisson is breaking out his best beats and serving up a mid-week treat in London this week. He’ll be performing at Plastic People in Shorditch, East London. Get yerself down there for a sneak preview of his new material coming out next on no immortal. Also on the bill are Si Begg, Hatcha and Buddy Peace. Nice!

13th-14th sept. 4pm start

Old skool to the Max! Bedouin Ascent performs a rare ‘midi-free’ analogue set at Follie Electronique. Armed with just a tr909, tr606, tb303, x2 percussion synth and a pocketful of patch cables, he'll ride the freak heat wave this weekend, outdoors at the Kent music fest. This is not one to miss.

Follie Electronique is a free party in the country (Vigo Village, Kent) organised by the awesome Worm Interface label. Other artists include: karsten pflum, icarus, benge, stendec, vessel, solar x, jim backhaus, apache 61, adj, stormfield, crunch, jon tye, mr. projectile, adam johnson, club of rome, and many others!

contacts: 07960 873962

Apache 61 is performing live at the International Festival of Tactical Media in Amsterdam:

  -13 september 21:30 hr | The Max
Apache 61 (Tokyo, London) | Neotropic (London) | Gudrun Gut (Berlin) | Amy Alexander (New York) | Die Patinnen (Hamburg)

an incredible programme of events organised by ‘Next 5 Minutes’. It revolves around the notion of tactical media, the fusion of art, politics and media. The festival is organised irregularly, when the urgency is felt to bring a new edition of the festival together. more info:

Amsterdam 11 - 14 September 2003
single ticket € 10,00
dayticket € 20,00
3 day € 35,00

Big Up! Friends in Germany are invited to come along to a one-off Bedouin Ascent gig next week:

  -Fri 5th Sept, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Live visuals by the D-Fuse crew. The event is part of the onedotzero festival exploring new forms of digital moving image.

  onedotzero | muffathalle | dfuse


a bunch of interventions by that boy Biswas coming your way soon:

  -12th July 03 - opening of oxford house, the cutting edge community arts space in the east end of london
oxford house, derbyshire st, london E2 6HG

  -24th July 03 – launch of ‘innovation’, the quarterly volume covering developments in architecture, fashion and design.
16 Grosvenor Place, London SW1

  -31th July 03 - Bedouin Ascent performing live at Cargo, with regular collaborators D-Fuse.
Luv2.TV A/V night . for details.
Cargo, Kingsland Viaduct 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

A blend of cutting edge creative styles. The night starts with a few experimental movies and animations, followed by live poetry, DJ’s, live electronic music and frenetic visual feedback resonance with some of the best VJ’s based in London.

Tickets can be bought at (will be cheaper at the door if you are planning to arrive b4 9PM!)

Kingsuk Biswas is performing at the Beyond Nationality events in Switzerland – a festival of contemporary music from Britain. For more information please contact Barbara Mosca, Arts Manager, British Council Switzerland:

  - Friday, 25th April 2003 [22h00] Dachstock Reitschule Bern - Neubrückstrasse 8, 3001 Bern.

  - Saturday, 26th April 2003 [21h00] Festival Stanser Musiktage - Schmiedgasse 46, 6370 Stans.

Kingsuk is also taking part in RESPOND Network Exchange [2nd - 5th April 2003, Cambridge, England]

RESPOND is a cutting-edge programme of cultural events and discussions exploring the blurred edges between vitual media spaces, simulated realities and smart environments organised by Future Physical.

As part of the festival Bedouin Ascent is also performing at the ‘Cluster’ club night with live VJs Raya and dance troop 2BitTV in a specially created performance/web club mix. An immersive and compelling merge of bodies, data and space:

thursday 3 april 2003
the junction, clifton road, cambridge, CB1 7GX
entry: £5
time: 20:00–01:00
live webcast: click here to access

The event also Features the brilliant Socket: I Am The Mighty Jungulator (performance at 21:30)

A busy time for Mieko Shimizu as she takes the Apache 61 experience on the road for some action

- 20th feb.03: lauch party for the FACT Centre. [Liverpool-based FACT is the UK's leading organisation for the exhibition, support and development of artists' film, video and new media projects.]

- 15th march 03: Club UBU, Rennes, France.

- 17th march 03: Resonance 104.4 FM [19h00 - 21h00 GMT]

- 6th april 03: moon palace @ monkey chews [2 queens crescent. london nw5]

Wednesday 26.feb 2003 [20h00 - 02h00]
Bridge & Tunnel_
4 Calvert Avenue,
(adjoining Shoreditch High Street),
London E2 7JP

Nearest tube: Liverpool Street, Bishopgate exit / Old Street exit 2
Buses: 26, 35, 43, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 149, 242, 243.
Call 0207 739 8755 for guest list

This ain't no gathering of eclectic minds! – this is the new science of urban mixology. Plotting a course through the digitaglia of Zen breaks and deconstructed funk, our pilots spin their jams way off the flight path. Fractured times call for fractured beats. Where did all the heart go? We're here to tell you that music was once wild, dangerous and free.
Up is the new down, right is the new left, boy is the new girl. Come and get yours...

upstairs [junk equation]:
Kingsuk Biswas [no immortal], TJ Rehmi [nation, A.J. [big chill], live visuals: Marc Everette [mesh], Kingsuk Biswas.
downstairs [break_func]:
State of Bengal, Patrick Forge, Marque Gilmore, DJ Feelfree [vu], guest musicians, live visuals: coco [vu]

saturday 08.feb 2003 [10pm - 11pm]
Eye Jam festival

Bedouin Ascent is headlining at the beam festival curated by the Cube cinema. He will be performing live in collaboration with visual artists D-fuse

Eye Jam will be a VJ and video art festival running from the 7th to the 9th feb-2003. Local, national and international artists will perform over the three days. Saturday will also feature a live performance by YeeKing (rephlex records) and artist-run demos/workshops using Nato and Max, Vjamm, Arkaos Hardware, Hippotizer hardware (primarily for club installations), Resolume, MX12, Roland Video Canvas, Motion dive etc.

For more info:
0117 9074190 ,
advance tickets for events Imperial (Park Street) and The Ticket Shop

Monday 20.jan 2003 [19h00 - 21h00 GMT]
Resonance 104.4 FM [London + web]
Tel: 020 7836 3664

Kingsuk Biswas takes the helm at Resonance FM for the Clear Spot guest slot.

He'll be constructing a live, mixed-media collage, navigating a scratchy path through irrational beats and structures, disjointed dialogue, alien narratives and deconstructed funk. It's all in the ether, and this promises to get beautifully out of hand!

fri.17.jan 2003 [9pm - 4am GMT]
Ardisson presents -

Kingsuk Biswas is teeming up with friends and long-time collaborators Ramjac (irdial) and Dr.Das (Asian Dub Foundation) for a marathon 6 hour mix jam to be broadcast live on stage4 and pirateTV. if you happen to miss the live feed the mix will be archived on the site.

sunday 29.12.2002 [13h00 - 00h00]
moon palace @ monkey chews
2 queens crescent. london nw5
chalk farm tube

bedouin ascent returns to moon palace for a very special, pre-NYE, hoe down with friends and revellers. expect lots of iPod pressure and 'no hands', 'no cans' DJ'ing :)

entrance is free. also appearing: Dj Rubbish (live), Cassetteboy (live), Barry Bootleg (dj), Ben Baylis (live), Uborn (live).

Resonance 104.4 FM
mon.11.nov 2002 >> [ 17h00 – 19h00 ]

Kingsuk Biswas [Bedouin Ascent] will be the guest on Magz Hall's excellent radio show on Resonance 104.4 FM, 'You Are Hear'. He will be performing exclusive new tracks, live in the studio, and also talking about some of the ideas behind his music, the label and live events.

For those of you outside London the show will be available simultaneously on
Details of Magz' show can be found at her own site

Digital Dialogues || Vivid

thur17.oct 2002.
Vivid , Vyse St.
Jewelllary Quarter , B'ham B18 6ND
19:00 - 23:00

Kingsuk Biswas presents a lecture and discussion for the Digital Dialogues series entitled 'Ritual Systems & the Geometry of Possibility'. Digital Dialogues will bring together a number of individuals whose use of digital technology crosses traditional creative boundaries. Also taking part is Clive Gillman, an artist in residence at FACT, Britains leading video and new media organisation.

For more details contact, or see (0121 233 4061)

The apache 61 china_syntax ep is already getting heavy rotation on XFM and will be officially available to buy on october the 1st. Advance copies can be purchased right away however from our on-line shop.


Please note that we will be upgrading this server next Tuesday, the 10th September 2002 and the no-immortal site will be unavailable for a few hours while this upgrade is performed. This will last from late morning until mid-afternoon (GMT). We apologise for any inconvenience that this will cause you.

Also, we have now added a links page to the site. Hopefuly this will grow to form a focused resource of all things progressive and creative.

Cluster - performance/web club with Bedouin Ascent
13th September 2002: 8.30 -midnight
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall
London, SW1Y 5AH

A specially created performance/web club mixing sound and visual styles with live digital performance. Featuring a cutting edge blend of Djs, VJ's, MJs, from East England and London.
Cluster is a shinkansen production in collaboration with Future Physical and London Arts, hosted by Norwich Arts Centre, Colchester Arts Centre and ICA, with streaming media services by Groovy Gecko.

Plus futuristic experiments in real-time web streaming with inputs from Colchester and London by Akademi of Indian Dance, Ambienttv.Net, Kingsuk Biswas (Bedouin Ascent), People Like Us and Raya. of live/web pieces, CellBytes between Norwich, Colchester and London
Live webcast: and follow the link to 'webcast' on the top left-hand side of the page.


Resonance 104.4 FM
wed.05.june 2002 >> [ 19h00 – 21h00 ]

Apache 61’s Mieko Shimizu will be hosting a two hour radio show on Resonance 104.4 FM, London's first official radio art station. She will be joined by guests Kingsuk Biswas [Bedouin Ascent] and Phil Winter [Summit] for what promises to be a facinating journey through the interleaving sonic paths of her extensive musical history. Be prepared to make unexpected connections between a wide pallet of sounds from around the world, interspersed with conversation and discussion and previews of her forthcoming China_syntax EP!

Expect the unexpected from what the Village Voice called the "Best Radio station in the world". Resonance FM is a radio station with no play lists, no smarmy jocks or pompous pundits; a radical alternative to the universal formulas of mainstream broadcasting.

For those of you outside the Central London broadcast area the show will be available simultaneously on

Laptops Live 4 || DysFunkt!onal_Beats >>_

mon20.may 2002.
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall
London, SW1Y 5AH
19:00 - 23:00  [Bar]

Continuing the series looking at the new breed of human and computer performer, the ICA present a NO IMMORTAL records night, with the very best live electronic improvisation from the leading lights of the beat scene. Check out the latest out-funk, punk jazz, degenerative systems, non-linear breaks and beautifully out-of-hand code poetry_

/+/ _Bedouin Ascent
/+/ _Apache 61
/+/ _Icarus
/+/ _Ardisson

with guest DJ Dancon One

Full Price : £5.
Concessions : £4.
ICA Members : Free.

sunday 05.05.2002 [13h00 - 00h00]
moon palace @ monkey chews
2 queens crescent. london nw5
chalk farm tube

excellent free monthly event. with live music from:
bedouin ascent (no immortal), rothko (too pure), konstruct (konstruct), tokyo wind bag (control tower / keith tenniswood), jerome (ugly funk), taishan (resin), spongeboy (t:com; gaialive), laura b (big chill)

Resonance 104.4 FM Launch Party.
30th April 2002. [20h00 - 23h00]
93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1.

A free event which Includes live performances by no immortal artists:
Apache 61 + Icarus. Also appearing will be The Invisible String Quartet / Post Man / Sarah Washington & Simon King / Gavin Turk / Siren Suite, Jim Backhouse / DJs.

Industrial light and magik by Kingsuk Biswas and Marc Everett.

Apache 61 is appearing at 'HEAR I AM'
international women music festival
24.4. - 28.4. 2002


April 04.2002 | 93ft East >> 150 Brick Lane, London.

No Immortal presents a night of Outfunk / Punk Jazz / Free Funk Jazz.
A live music extravaganza featuring the legendary 'Pinski Zoo' and 'Blurt' who have influenced a legion of freestyle techno, breakbeat and hip hop experimentalists.

Also appearing on the night will be acoustic performer Micheal J Sheehy
and DJs Kingsuk Biswas [Bedouin Ascent] and Lascelles Lacelle [Campag Velocet] plus guest djs and visuals.

------                                     >>>>>


'..a compelling power unique in English Jazz'. [The Wire]
Almost impossible to categorize they swing from virtuosic jazz to gritty funk with freedom and movement, veering into leftfield territory and returning with snappy anthem-like tunes. Unpredictable and exciting, they carved a unique style in the UK and won praise from critics at home and abroad. Sometimes a maelstrom of sound, other times a hypnotic theme over backbeats, their eclectic fusion of style foreshadowed the move towards mixing influences in much of today's modern music. With 8 albums and extensive touring in Europe, and the USA in the late 80's and 90's and a 'Best British Band at the British International Jazz Awards in '91' they are back after several years of individual projects.

JAN KOPINSKI tenor/alto saxophones
STEVE ILIFFE keyboards



A is for Anarchy, B is for Blurt, A Bee in The Bonnet, a Boot where it Hurts...Ted Milton's Demonic sax, and shouty, dadaist poetry, anguished & passionate psycho-funk, afro punk, fake no-wave trio.

Over a period of 17 years the mighty, mythic Blurt have festered and fulminated, swaggered and evolved into an unusual and uncompromising beast capable of a magic and sublime, dissonant and confrontationalist music. Seminal influence on the contemporary dance scene, gyrating & ranting harder than ever...



Campaq Velocet are clubbers Pete, Agre and Lascelles who've take an unscheduled detour through left-field guitar music - energised by hip hop artists like School D and Public Enemy, as well as the massive signal beamed out of the Detroit techno scene.



Kid 'groove' a'la abstract continues his search for the wrecked angle. Hard, oblique, jazz and electronics. Catch him live in the mix.

onedotzero >> 07mar.02

oh-yes. Kingsuk Biswas will be in the mix at the new onedotzero film/design preview, with interactive visual accompaniment by dfuse. He will be mashing up exclusive new bedouin ascent cuts for an unsuspecting audience of media players & pimps, writers and groupies.

Thursday 7th March 2002
7pm - 9.30pm
Nash & Brandon Rooms, ICA
Pall Mall
London, W1

Jan. 03 : 2002

21 Nottinghill Gate
London W11


6.00 -9.00: Shy Fx plus d&b dj's
9.00 - 10.30: Paul Thomas
10.30 -11.30: Bedouin Ascent [live]
11.30 -2.00: Ross Allen

Radio 1 Hype:

Bedouin Ascent is the ‘rhythm as melody’/digital improvisation project of KINGSUK BISWAS, Digital/Art/Electronica Pioneer. For the last decade he has been OUT THERE mixing live and digital, West African percussion with North Indian classical modes and chaos and quantum theories with Zen and Tao. His list of collaborators is so impressive that you can frankly only bow down and rock to the beats in his presence. They include Bill Laswell, David Toop, Zakir Hussein, Jon Hassel, Plaid, Anokha and Talvin Singh. His new EP, JUNK FORCE, came out in late November on the No Immortal label, destined to rock our world in a fundamental manner. Catch him live on laptop and synths at ONE WORLD LIVE at Notting Hill Arts Club on January the 3rd, 2002.

DysFunkt!onal_live.arts >> [2001]

in these times of global patriarchal imperialism and rampant unilateralism the world needs a dose of non-linearity like never before. no immortal has been busy putting together an amazing programme of events to highlight our interests and take great music and performances to all corners of the uk. if you want to dismantle your personal regime let our beats start you on that journey. remember - this is DysFunkt!on by form not force. [new interviews and galleries posted]

"Une soirée de musique électronique improvisée live qui transporte au-delà des frontières du conformisme. Des artistes du monde entier, aux influences variées (jazz, d'n'bass, indian classical) unis par le désir de désintellectualiser la musique electronique."

00] DysFunkt!onal_Beats >>

- Essentially it's a platform to showcase live, improvised electronic music and visual artforms which explore more non-linear forms and structures than in regular commercial dance music (with a particular emphasis on rhythmic deconstruction, jazz and fusion sensibilities). Although experimental, these events are intended to be very accessible and above all a great party atmosphere for those not necessarily wishing to engage intellectually. It's all about the science of the 'cut-up', whether in music, visuals, design or writing for example.

- This is also an opportunity to showcase 'freestyle' live sound which is not often associated with the rigid structures of electronic dance music. Musically it's about arrangements falling apart and coming back together - invoking a perpetual and dynamic condition - like a continual series of 'mistakes' with no real agenda, other than the fact that it sounds good. The freedom of chance; the opportunity for chance interaction within musical structures to build their own narrative; the chance for artists to take some risks they wouldn't normally be able to and collaborate on new work. Anything's possible. That's both the danger and the beauty!

addtl data, ideas, resources +_ writing on non-linear rationality, systems theory, vedanta, tao, anarchy, etc available on-line at


0+] yes sir [/] i.can.boogie >>

Total immersion in the digital arts in a freeform way is the ethos of the DysFunkt!onal_Beats Tour which is supported by the Arts Council of England and futuresonic. Taking it further will be a compelling selection of artists and DJ's on hand including 4Hero, Future Sound of London, Luke Vibert, People Like Us, DJ Spooky, Plaid and Bedouin Ascent, plus visual art and design throughout (D-Fuse, The Designers Republic, Addictive TV, etc).


0_] t o u r  d a t e s:..

:: 01] m a n c h e s t e r  <greenroom, 54 whitworth st west, m1 5ww>>

- friday16nov || [ 19h00 - 02h00 ]
- Luke Vibert / DJ Spooky / Bedouin Ascent / Icarus / Solar X: 9-2am
- Kaffe Matthews / Neotropic / Gescom (broken channel event): 7-9pm
- £9/7, Tickets - Piccadilly Box Office 0161-832 1111
- presented in partnership with futuresonic

:: 02] n o t t i n g h a m
 <heavenly social, 23 Pelham St, ng1 24d>>__

- sunday25nov || [ 19h00 - 00h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Apache61 / Icarus / FSOL / Solar-X
- film: Andrea Zimmerman, Oblique, Addictive TV, Marc Everett.
- djs: Phil Winter (moon palace), Jim Backhaus (kosmische).
- £6/5, Tickets: Ticketweb, / 020 7771 2000

:: 03] l o n d o n  <93 feet east, 150 Brick Lane, e1>>__

- thursday06dec || [ 19h00 - 02h00 ]_ :: 3 rooms ::
- Luke Vibert / Bedouin Ascent / Apache 61 / Blurt / 4hero / Icarus / Future Sound of London / People Like Us / Kaffe Matthews / Summit / Freeform / with more to be announced...
- installation: Seedpod, D-fuse, Squid Soup.
- film: Andrea Zimmerman, Oblique, Addictive TV, The Designers Republic, Marc Everett.
- djs from moon palace + kosmische + expanding
- £8/6, Tickets: Ticketweb, / 020 7771 2000

:: 04] b r i s t o l
 < The Thekla, East Mud Dock >>__

- thursday13dec || [ 20h00 - 01h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Future Sound of London / Icarus / Apache61 / Freeform
- film: The Designers Republic, Squid Soup, Andrea Zimmerman, D-Fuse
- djs: Prophane (moon palace), Jim Backhaus (kosmische), rlf (hombre), tom (pause_2)
- £6/5, Tickets: Imperial Records/Replay Records. info: 9074190

:: 05] t o k y o 
< mex2001 new media festival >>__

- friday23nov || [ 19h00 - 00h30 ]_
- Bedouin Ascent / Icarus / Apache61 / Benge / D-Fuse
- Creators Night party. Streamed on-line @

:: 06] Birmingham [Custard Factory] +_ Cardiff [Clwb Ifor Bach] scheduled for Jan.2002.
Please call for details

...and while we get wild on the live circuit No Immortal is pleased to announce that the Bedouin Ascent EP, Junk_force, is making it's way onto record store shelves with accolades and airplay from the likes of John Peel, Coldcut, Nick Luscombe, Mr Scruff and a host of others.

Kingsuk Biswas continues his no-fi games with rhythms so irrational they playfully tease the linear structure of sequenced music to produce the exquisite effect of perpetual rolling. Spiraling currents pulled by ever tighter forces in an open field of possibility. Turning, turning... Lost forever in the loving warmth of urban noise and the sweetest tension.
While the whole of the dance arena concerns itself with the mechanical rhythm of propulsion - like drones synched to a universal clock, locked in constant forward motion - junk_force adopts a wholly lateral stance. Beats spiral, moving, at once, forward, sideways and backwards - like the adrenaline rush of a brisk young breeze, constantly changing direction - because there's just so much sky! Change is, ultimately, the only constant.

+ Bedouin Ascent album 'Jerx' available early 2003

+ Apache 61 'china_syntax' ep available Oct 2002

+ Icarus material available 2003




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