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Ben Sheppee - Hidden Partition  :  LRV-04  :  11 track DVD  :  limited edition  :  £16.99

This release promises to bring a lot of attention to the 2-year old Lightrhythm Visuals label. Their innovative (but silent) VJ Single Compilations, which came out on DVD earlier this year, offer world audiences a vivid window into San Francisco's enviable VJ subculture. Giving VJs the opportunity to use these 'singles' in their own shows made Lightrhythm a widely recognized catalyst for the flow of visuals between scenes in different cities.

Now, Hidden Partition firmly establishes Lightrhythm as an international force in the audiovisual album arena. “Ben Sheppee is really pushing the VJ as DJ metaphor on this release.” says Jon Schwark, co-founder of Lightrhythm. It has 11 works of art, with remixes for the VJ. It’s also a compilation of truly modern music that has a style and succeeds as an album in its own right. Hidden Partition is in a position to be a landmark audiovisual moment - the first disc that both DJs and VJs actually want to own and play. Music by UK producers Bedouin Ascent (No Immortal Records) and Blockhead (Ninjatune) expand on the tone set by artists from San Francisco’s Lowpro Lounge label and a memorable track from longtime Lightrhythm collaborator Sewn. Not a dance floor knockout, but perfect for DJs cultivating a more cerebral experience. Styles venture from snappy melodic-glitch to ambient bordering on classical.

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Visual Remix artists D:Fuse, and  *Spark (UK), and VJ Shinji (Japan) hold their own next to top American acts like V2 Labs (part of OVT visuals in Los Angeles), VJ Culture (of Dimension7) and Scott Pagano (curator of the Reline DVD Series). Even the cover art is the result of a collaborative project with design group SE3D, extending the remix concept. All said, more than twenty artists contributed dozens of DVD angles to this 'solo' album, with even more material hidden in bonus areas awaiting discovery.

visual remixes by:
lightrhythm artists, SE3D, VJ Culture, V2 Labs, suryummy, VJ OZ, VJ Shinji, *Spark, Scott Pagano, D:Fuse, Sara Chop Omrice, kevlar, videojon.

audio by:
Lowpro Lounge, No Immortal, Damiak, Sewn, Skope, edIT, J.Tonal, Brizzle, Parc Ranger, Konstruct, Blockhead, Ghost, Bedouin Ascent, Sean Wilson.

samples (require real player):
track 1 : track 2 : track 3 : track 5 : track 10



Singles 01-05   :  LRV01-05  :  5 track DVD  :  ntsc + quicktime clips   :  £17.99

It is the goal of Lightrhythm to bring together artists from around the world to display their talents in a collective format. Their first in a series of DVD compilations delivers the visual chemistry that is gaining momentum on its way onto our screens and into festivals. Lightrhythm singles 01-05 shares the talent of its selected designers and light based artists that are succeeding in the contemporary visuals scene.

This DVD unfolds a powerful display of creative techniques in the video medium including remixes between the artists with its multi-angle feature. Additional Quicktime media on the DVD make this ideal for VJs using software such as MotionDive in their performances

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1. Fireworks directed by Videojon <-- view
2. jarG0n directed by Ben Sheppee <-- view
3. Synthetic Sanctuary directed by Suryummy
4. Electric Sheep directed by Spot
5. Veins directed by VJ Culture



Singles 06-10   :  LRV06-10  :  5 track DVD  :  ntsc + quicktime clips  :  £17.99

The second album from independent label Lightrhythm, brings you its strongest selections from its most prolific performers. Singles 06-10 showcases new talent from creatives in the visual movement and gives you a variety of dynamic approaches to the video medium as a platform for design.

This DVD capitalizes on the multi-angle feature and presents an outstanding display of light and movement, including work by Emmy award-winning visual effects artists and 3D graphics by innovators in the visuals scene.

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1. Xenon directed by Ben Sheppee
2. Me'tropolitain directed by Nate Pagel <-- view
3. Glitch directed by Kevlar <-- view
4. Weightless directed by Brian Clark
5. sloRo directed by Videojon